eHome America Class (Online)

eHome America Class (Online)

Our Online Homebuyer Education program provides homeownership education for customers, including eight hours of classroom instruction and individual counseling sessions. Coursework includes:

  • Credit profile management
  • The importance of credit
  • How to improve credit over time
  • The different laws that regulate the use of credit
  • How to qualify for a mortgage loan
  • Selecting a house
  • Working with a Realtor
  • Home construction
  • Basic home maintenance
  • What happens at the loan closing
  • Predatory lenders and foreclosure

If you are interested in completing the course ONLINE, please Click here or the first link below to sign up for ehome. This will allow you to achieve your certificate online. Present certificate to your lender. Ehome is USDA and THDA certified.

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After completion of your disclosures, pick the time to speak with a counselor. You must be prepared to allocate at least one hour of your time. Upon completion of your session, you will receive your certificate. Please email your counseling session time to


****PLEASE NOTE**** Same Day appointments will not be accepted!

Please schedule your time at least 24 hours in advance! Thank you!

Available times: 

December 2021


FRIDAY, 12/3:                     9:30AM

MONDAY, 12/6:                  12PM

TUESDAY, 12/7:                11:30AM

WEDNESDAY, 12/8:           2PM

THURSDAY, 12/9:              10AM

FRIDAY, 12/10:                  12PM

MONDAY, 12/13:                11AM

TUESDAY, 12/14:               12PM

WEDNESDAY, 12/15:         2PM

THURSDAY, 12/16:            9AM

FRIDAY, 12/17:                  12PM

MONDAY 12/20                 10AM             

TUESDAY 12/21                1PM               

THURSDAY 12/23            10 AM       

MONDAY12/27                 10 AM                

TUESDAY 12/28                1PM                  

THURSDAY 12/30            10AM                 

P: +1 901.272.1122

2750 Colony Park Drive
Memphis, TN 38118



Monday-Thursday – 8:00am to 4:30pm
Friday – 8:00am to 3:30pm
Saturday-Sunday - Closed

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