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Covid-19 Mortgage Relief FAQs


How do I know if I’m eligible for this mortgage assistance program?

  • You will be asked to complete a pre-qualification survey before submitting a program application. If you meet these criteria, you will be directed through the application process. If you do not meet these criteria, you will be directed to additional Covid-19 resources.
    • This survey will be available on March 15
  • Here is an overview of the criteria:
    • Must live in surrounding Memphis Metro Area
    • Must have income loss due to Covid-19 hardship, which can include job loss, wage reduction, or childcare expenses.
    • Proof of mortgage obligations.

What is considered a Covid-19 hardship?

  • If you experience any loss of income and/or increase in expenses due to Covid-19, and you can provide documented proof of this, it will be considered a Covid-19 hardship.
  • Examples include:
    • Job loss due to Covid-19
    • Wage reduction, or furlough due to Covid-19
    • Loss of childcare or increased childcare expenses due to Covid-19

I lost my job before March 2020, am I eligible to apply?

  • Unfortunately, no. Job loss and other hardships must be Covid-19 related occurring between now and beginning of the country-wide shut down due to the pandemic (March 13th, 2020).

I had Covid-19, does that make me eligible to apply?

  • Yes, but you must provide proof that having Covid-19 caused an increase in expenses and/or a decrease in your income during that time.

What if a family member or roommate had Covid-19, am I eligible to apply?

  • Yes, but again you must provide proof that this individual having Covid-19 caused an increase in expenses or decrease in your income, preventing you from making mortgage payments.

Are residents living outside of Memphis City limits eligible to apply?

  • Yes, anyone living with the Memphis Metro Area is eligible. This includes Shelby County, Tipton County, Fayette County, DeSoto County, Tunica County, Crittenden County, Marshall County, Tate County

I have a foreclosure sales date. Am I eligible to apply?

  • If you have a sales date, please contact our counselors immediately. It is important that we connect with you as quickly as possible to learn more about your financial situation and how we can help you keep your home
  • Housing Counselors:
    • Priscilla Reed, call at 901-728-6930, or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I rent my home. Does this program provide rent relief or help with utilities for renters?

  • At this time, this program only assists homeowners. You can go to for resources for renters. You can also sign up for our e-newsletter for notifications and updates on new resources or programs in the future.

Application Process

When is the program start?

  • Applications will be accepted starting March 15th.

Where do I apply?

  • To begin the process, first take our survey to check your eligibility, available on March 15. For assistance with the application process, you can call 2-1-1 with the Memphis Public Libraries.

Can I apply on my smartphone?

  • Yes, you can complete the application process from your phone. However, you will need to submit several documents. You can provide these as PDFs or as a photo from your phone. (Note that illegible documents and applications will not be accepted)
    • If you need access to a computer to upload documents for your application, you can call 2-1-1 with the Memphis Public Libraries.

Is there a cap of the amount of mortage assistance available?

  • Homeowners may receive mortgage payments for up $7,500 maximum mortgage payments per client.

Can I apply on behalf of my spouse/relative?

  • Yes, you will need to provide proof of their mortgage obligations.

I just submitted my application. How long will it take to be reviewed?

  • Once submitted, you will receive an email notification that you have completed your application. We will review the application for completion and verify the information provided. You will receive a response from us within 72 hours.

Documentation Required

What documents do I need?

For Income

  • Proof of all sources of income which includes:
    • Paystubs over the last 30 days
    • Child support, if applicable
    • Disability income, if applicable
    • Supplemental Security Income
  • Most recent correspondence from lender regarding default
  • Proof of Mortgage Delinquency since March 2020
  • If self-employed: Last 2 years tax returns (or Profit/Loss Statement)

For Covid-19 Hardship

  • Proof of income loss or increased expenses due to Covid-19, occurred between now and March 13th, 2020. This may include:
    • For job loss or wage reduction, unemployment letter or letter from employers

For childcare expenses, bank statements and/or a letter from the childcare service provider

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