Best ways to beat the summer heat

While summer brings a lot of fun, it also brings dangerously high temperatures. Here are a few tips to remember as you work to keep your house and yourself cool this summer:


Stay hydrated

The number one, and perhaps most important tip on our list is staying hydrated. Our bodies already need at least eight glasses of water a day, but we need even more water when we spend half of the day sweating! Drink plenty of water each day, and even more so when exercising or spending any time outside. 


Treat yourself – don’t overheat yourself 

While drinking water is always important, there are a few more fun ways to avoid overheating this summer. Enjoy your favorite cold dessert – popsicles, ice cream, you name it! If you’re able, visit a swimming pool to cool down. You could even invest in an inexpensive “baby pool” to inflate in your backyard, which is fun for the whole family to splash around in. 


Keep the heat out

It’s easy to forget that heat can still enter your home without a door or window being open. The sheer sunlight alone can heat up your house! If you haven’t already, consider investing in curtains to cover your windows. Not only does it block sunrays, but it adds a nice touch to your living space. As you work to keep the heat out, be cognizant of the heat you create inside your home. Using the oven and the dishwasher both can heat up your home significantly, meaning heat-free recipes and manual dish washing might be a few things you should implement this summer.


Keep the air in

Allow cool air to constantly flow through your home without increasing your air conditioning bill too much. Utilize your ceiling fans throughout the day, and consider purchasing a few box fans to place in different areas of your home during the summer months. 


This summer, don’t forget to be responsible, stay cool and have fun!

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