Building outdoor living spaces on a budget

While indoor furniture can come at a high price, sometimes outdoor furniture seems unnecessarily expensive. But during the summer, it sure is nice to have an outside area to relax alone, or when things are a little safer, with guests. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to create a nice outdoor space for your home without breaking the bank.

Invest in plants

Nothing brightens things up like a few flowers. A great, inexpensive way to add instant charm and homeyness to your outdoor living area is by buying a few plants. Purchasing cheaper plants, like perennials from your local hardware store, can fill up empty spaces and add a pop of color – all with relatively little cost. Just make sure you’re watering them appropriately! Gardening can become pricey when you’re frequently replacing plants.


Adding a few string lights to any outdoor space can make it look gorgeous at night. Holiday-style string lights don’t cost much,especially if you buy them out of season (hello, January sales!). And, they easily wrap around posts or can attach to any covering you have outside. If you’d prefer less artificial lighting, consider buying a few tiki torches or maybe even a couple of lanterns. A more time-consuming, do-it-yourself lighting option is to build a fire pit. Fire pits aren’t for everyone, but they do add a nice ambience and the possibility of s’mores! 

Cheap chairs

Got any old beach chairs lying around? Add a colorful throw pillow for a free, weather-proof outdoor chair. Plastic folding chairs or simple Adirondack chairs are another inexpensive seating option you could find anywhere, or one that you might already have. If you think they need a little sprucing up, add a few coats of paint to refresh them for your outdoor seating room.

Get creative with your decor

Old bottles can become a quirky centerpiece or a vase for your blooming flowers. Spray paint an empty paint can using a bright color and use it as a planter! Items you’d usually ignore – wooden crates, rusty water cans or even an old tire – could be turned into a mini garden, piece of furniture or eye-catching decorative item for your sitting area. The sky’s the limit!

No matter what you decide to do to your backyard, it’s a space that everyone will love. Nothing beats the feeling of mixing home sweet home with the great outdoors!

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