Rent relief and eviction prevention

At United Housing, we want to help you find and stay in a healthy, affordable home. Part of helping you stay in your home is fighting against unfair evictions or foreclosures. We can help you understand when you might be at risk of losing your home and share resources that are available to prevent that from happening. 

The best way to prevent eviction is to reach out for help before your landlord has filed for eviction. If making payments becomes challenging, we can provide you with our available services such as financial counseling, budgeting and homebuyer education classes. 

But advance notice isn’t always possible. If you’re notified of a late payment or potential eviction, we can help you develop an action plan.Through this process, we’ll review your current bills, brainstorm payment plans and help you contact your property manager. We can also help you register for available resources, such as rental assistance or rent relief, which are income-based funds derived from the government, community and nonprofit programs. For more information on rent relief, search here for your resources from your state housing authority, or visit the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development website

In response to the economic impact of the pandemic, Congress passed the CARES Act. This required most landlords to stop evictions for missed payments – even if the reason for missed payments isn’t related to COVID-19 – for 120 days. Eviction notices can only be issued after the 120 days expires, and the tenant is not expected to move out until 30 days after they receive the notice. Additionally, no late fees incurred during this period are applicable. United Housing can help you determine whether or not your eviction is covered by the CARES Act.

Sometimes, eviction notices are brought on by problems outside of your control, such as unemployment or a medical issue. Being faced with the possibility of losing your place of residence can cause other issues to arise, such as mental health problems or food insecurity. Along with eviction prevention and rent relief assistance, at United Housing, we can also help you find support and information regarding unemployment benefits, SNAP or WIC eligibility, legal representation and any other assistance you might need while facing potential eviction. 

Ultimately, remember, that while an eviction notice is frightening, you don’t have to panic. United Housing will support you and walk you through your options to help you stay in your home. 

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